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2023 Best Movers


Next to root canals, there’s little that people like less than moving. The boxes! The bubble wrap! Running around yelling, “Where’s my goddamn toothbrush?” So why add a bad mover into the mix? Moverama’s nimble team is responsive and quick, with up-front pricing and no haggling over the final bill. Whether it’s an intracity or interstate move, these are the guys for you. Read More »


2022 Best Movers

Meetinghouse Movers

This company had us at their Instagram profile: “Too old or tired to ask your friends to help you move? Hire us and we’ll be your new best friends!” Seeing as we once paid friends in barbecue and beer to help us move — and then just began handing them stacks of unpacked plates — this company was made for us. Read More »


2021 Best Big-Ass Packers

Craters and Freighters

If the moving trucks on every block are an indication, a lot of people are assessing where they want to be right now. Craters and Freighters­ packs and ships everything from your dishes and beds to sculptures and that motorcycle you can’t quite convince yourself to sell. Read More »


2019 Best Estate and Moving Sale Pros

Gunning & Company

Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one or gritting your teeth over an impending move, these Main Line pros will take care of the really hard part: getting rid of all the stuff you don’t want. They carefully document, research, price and stage everything to sell, then invite the public in to buy over one to three days. Read More »

| 610-551-1528 | Website

2019 Best Art Moving and Storage

Atelier Art Services

These folks moved the Barnes collection from Lower Merion to the Parkway. They’ll handle your masterpieces with equal care. Read More »

| 215-842-3500 | Website

2018 Best On-Demand Muscle


From picking up Craigslist finds to helping rearrange guest-room furniture, lauded start-up Dolly (which recently launched in the City of Brotherly Love) has scores of strong folk at your beck and call. Services entire region. Read More »


2016 Best Moving Concierge

Pad Porter

File this one under Services You Never Knew You Desperately Needed. Via start-up Pad Porter, Wharton grad Nonya Collier and her crew handle pretty much every moving task you could ever hope to outsource: booking the movers; packing and unpacking; stocking your new fridge; cleaning the old place; even waiting for the Comcast guy. Services are arranged �_ la carte, with prices starting at a (totally worth it) $25 an hour. Read More »

| 484-483-5821 | Website

2016 Best Movers

Mambo Movers

So many Philly Mag staffers use these many-time Best Of winners — a loose compendium of artists who moonlight as van-masters — that we're thinking of putting them on retainer. Read More »

| 215-670-9535 | Website

2016 Best All-Around Muscle

Philadelphia Women’s Rugby Football Club

For $25 per person per hour, you can hire a group of players from Philly's Women's Rugby Football Club to clean out your garage, paint your picket fence, or move your couch to the third floor — so why the hell wouldn't you? They're available all day Sunday plus evenings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Read More »


2015 Best On-Demand Mover

Philly Van Man

James Harvey -- a.k.a. the Philly Van Man -- isn't a mover in the traditional sense. He's more like a friend who's always available to help you schlep your heavy stuff from one place to another -- a friend who's so good at it, so careful and reliable, that he's actually the first-choice mover for several Philly antiques shops. Harvey can often squeeze in next-week (or even next-day!) moves -- just call or text him. Read More »

| 484-483-5826 | Website