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2023 Best PLCB Loophole


In our weird state, with its even weirder liquor laws, BOTLD found a work-around. This Rittenhouse liquor store is licensed as a distillery, allowing owner Andrew Auwerda — co-founder of Philadelphia Distilling — to sell spirits distilled anywhere but bottled in Pennsylvania. Auwerda partners with craft distillers around the world, shipping barrels to his KOP bottling facility and packaging them to look like the company’s regular branding, but with one tiny difference: the words “bottled in Pennsylvania” on the label. Read More »

119 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2015 Best Liquor Store

Roger Wilco Discount Liquor

Because sometimes an unjust law needs to be broken. And when you're feeling a little bit outlaw (or just really want that special bottle the PLCB won't let you buy), RW, with its helpful staff and enviable selection, is a good place to aim your headlights. Read More »

600 Route 73, Palmyra, NJ | 856-829-1400 | Website