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2022 Best Custom Window Treatments

Ambiance Design

If you’re not a professional designer, maybe you haven’t given much thought to your window treatments — i.e., the only things that help maintain your privacy in a densely populated city. While they can elevate any room in your house, they can also be daunting to choose (a million different options) and install (so much measuring!). Family-run Ambiance Design will come to your home, help you select the perfect window coverings, and return to install them. Products run the gamut from simple Roman shades to the newfangled voice-activated kind. Read More »

718 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA Website

2021 Best Man-Cave Designer

Christina Henck of Henck Design

This Philly designer has produced spectacular aeries for Eagle Rodney McLeod and ex-Eagle Malcolm Jenkins as well as for regular folks in less palatial estates — each time capturing her client’s unique personality. Her Fabric Row boutique is designed to put ideas in your head. Read More »

733 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2021 Best Kitchen Designer

Ferrarini & Co.

Ferrarini & Co. only accepts a few projects every year, prioritizing what matters most to each homeowner. You won’t just cook in your kitchen — you’ll actually enjoy it. Read More »

110 South 20th Street #202a, Philadelphia, PA Website

2018 Best Small-Project Designers

Design on Demand by Widell + Boschetti

Make your pad Arch Di-worthy without the commitment of a full-service designer with the à la carte e-design option from these Philly up-and-comers. Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti will create a mood board and layout based on your room’s specs (rates start at $1,100) and choose the right products to bring both to life, for an end result that’s more inspired than those seen-that-everywhere looks. Read More »

| 267-702-3820 | Website

2014 Best Office Designer

Mona Ross Berman

Lawyer-turned-designer Mona Ross Berman has been barraged with office-space makeover jobs lately because of the way she deftly combines happy colors with efficient, ergonomic setups. No job is too small she'll rework a company's HQ and streamline your kitchen desk nook. Read More »

3580 Indian Queen Lane, Philadelphia, PA | 215-680-5953 | Website

2014 Best Eco-Friendly Home Redesign

Down2Earth Interior Design

Yes, of course Amy Cuker uses eco-friendly materials for her redesign projects concrete countertops from a Delaware fabricator, cabinets from Amish woodworkers, low-VOC paints, cork floors. But the LEED-accredited owner of this four-year-old interior design firm has also repurposed old rowhouse washbasins, salvaged pine floorboards for a new staircase, and revived details like antique doorknobs and bathtubs. In essence, Down2Earth can uncover and relocate, refurbish and repaint the potential that was there all along. Read More »

7604 Spring Avenue, Elkins Park, PA | 215-690-4328 | Website

2012 Best Interior Designer

Ashli Mizell

She'll push you just far enough out of your comfort zone to achieve your own look, without leaving those telltale An Interior Designer Was Here traces. Read More »

124 South 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-546-7606 | Website

2010 Best Interior Designer

Gregory Augustine of August Interiors

It's not the pale moon that excites us, that thrills and delights us, oh no, it's just ... every darned idea this young designer has, and how each and every space feels after its clever owner lets Augustine and associate Jenice Pencek have their subtly arty, totally sophisticated way with it. No wonder everyone wants him. Read More »

122 West Gorgas Lane, Philadelphia, PA | 215-843-4041 | Website