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2021 Best Company to Pack, Clean, Assemble

Georges Moving Cleaning Co.

You ever just look around your house and think, “Who’s going to do all this stuff?” Well, look no further. Furniture assembly, home organizing, junk removal? Done. Just bought a couch but don’t have a truck to pick it up? They’re your guys. Read More »


2021 Best Deep Cleaner

DB Cleaning Services

Just admit to yourself that you’re never going to get around to cleaning everything — and hire this team, you cheapskate. They’ll scour your home, from the cabinet tops to the baseboards, and leave you wondering what took you so long. Read More »


2019 Best Heavy-Duty House Cleaner

Spots & Dots Cleaning

Is the snowy rug in your great room now the color of the cab sauv you served at that epic party last night? These commercial-grade cleaners will make everything like new — and they also do upholstery. Services Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Read More »

| 215-470-5499 | Website

2018 Best On-Demand House Cleaners


Here’s why it matters that locally owned Scrub! goes the extra mile to insure and employ (and not just contract out) all of its cleaners: quality control. Easy online booking, clear communications, and the fact that they use eco-friendly products are only pluses. Services greater Center City. Read More »

| 215-821-9484 | Website

2017 Best Housecleaners for a Deep Clean

EverGreen Maids

The moment you realize these city-focused cleaners haven’t just de-grimed your baseboards and shined the floors, but also scraped off crust inside your microwave, sucked up dust bunnies from under the radiator, even somehow de-stained the bathroom grout: joy! Read More »

1700 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-618-2217 | Website