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Best Fried Chicken

2023 Best Fried Chicken to Ruin All Other Fried Chicken

Doro Bet

We’re not sure what we did to deserve such amazing chicken, but our stomachs thank Doro Bet on a regular basis. Two-day-marinated. Buttermilk-dipped. Teff-battered. Gluten-free, and exceptionally crunchy. Need we say more? Ever since this Ethiopian spot opened its doors in late 2022, its turmeric-lemon and berbere-spiced birds have made run-of-the-mill fried chicken seem like something is missing. Read More »

4533 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2021 Best Restaurant We've Been Waiting For

Bar Poulet

Some people were surprised to learn that this new Center City spot is pairing pressure-fried chicken and champagne, but it’s been a thing, and one taste of the sharp bubbles cutting through the rich bird will convince you we’ve long deserved this brilliant concept. Read More »

2005 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2021 Best Fried Chicken


Father-daughter duo John and Jen Choi make everything at their Midtown Village restaurant from scratch, including sauces like Korean BBQ, honey soy, and super-spicy sweet chili — all of which can be doused over wings, popcorn nuggets, or whole, perfectly crispy Korean fried chicken. Read More »

212 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Fried Chicken

Spoty’s Chicken & Waffles

You can get the salty, crispy, gently Cajun-spiced fried chicken on a Belgian waffle (good) or as a sandwich, inside a soft, fluffy honey butter biscuit (even better). Read More »

550 Kimberton Road, Suite 11, Phoenixville, PA | 610-935-2744 | Website

2018 Best Gas Station Fried Chicken

Royal Farms

Imagine a super-Wawa (the kind with a gas station), but instead of hoagies, it sells fried chicken. Really, really crispy, juicy, salty fried chicken. Confusingly good fried chicken. At a gas station. Read More »


2018 Best Fried Chicken

Love & Honey Fried Chicken

Learning to make perfect fried chicken is easy – all it takes is a decade of practice and a willingness to spend the rest of your life in pursuit of one thing. Lucky for us, Todd Lyons made that sacrifice, and he and his wife, Laura, showcase the results in this little takeaway spot on the ragged edge of NoLibs, serving excellent plates of chicken, drizzled with a kiss of honey, to an ever-growing legion of fans. Read More »

1100 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA | 215-789-7878 | Website

2017 Best Fried Chicken

Poi Dog

Fried chicken junkies, if you’re looking to get your fix from different latitudes, you won’t want to miss this Big Island version, where the bird is dipped in sweet rice flour, doused in furikake seasoning, and topped with togarashi-yuzu mayo. Psst: It comes on the lunch plate with two scoops of rice, macaroni salad and pickled red cabbage. Yum. Read More »

102 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-279-7015 | Website

2016 Best Fried Chicken Sandwich


Everyone is getting in on the fried-chicken-slapped-on-a-bun game these days, but this one rises above the finger-lickin' fray. A spice-blended, crispy-skinned, buttermilk-brined bird is topped with house-made bacon, pepper jack cheese, ranch dressing and sweet and sour pickles. You'll need two hands and about 20 napkins. (Northern Liberties and Bella Vista.) Read More »

1040 North American Street, #1101, Philadelphia, PA | 215-644-9324 | Website

2016 Best Classic Fried Chicken


The thighs are juicy all the way to the bone, with perfect, crackling skin, and served with a little salad and pickled onion ranch sauce. Read More »

4301 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-387-4992 | Website

2016 Best Chicken Fingers


They're done in a buttermilk batter and a delicious pretzel crust and served with dipping sauces like chipotle lime mayo, honey mustard and parmesan pesto. Try the wings, too. (Locations in Midtown Village and University City.) Read More »

210 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-921-3204 | Website