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Best Feel-Good Story

2023 Best Service Above and Beyond

Dave Torres

It’s not the kind of delivery the North Philly tow-truck driver normally makes, but while en route to visit his daughter, he saw Latasha James frantically flagging down motorists and stopped. She wasn’t having car trouble; she had just given birth. He pulled over, called 911, and, taking his lead from the voice on the phone, helped ensure her baby boy was safe until an ambulance arrived. Then he took care of James’s car while mother and son were in the hospital. Read More »

2023 Best Lifesaver

Vincent Basile

Vincent Basile, a member of the Cara Liom Wench Brigade — and, not incidentally, an Einstein emergency-room doc — was in his strutting garb at the Linc for the Eagles’ New Year’s Day game when he and another attendee, nurse Natalie Spencer, saw a crowd surrounding a man who’d fallen in the stands. They made their way to the guy, found no pulse, and delivered CPR till paramedics arrived. “The first thing I had to do was convince everyone I was a doctor,” Basile said of the emergency. Read More »

2023 Best Delivery Service

Adam Bodzin

Jefferson transplant surgeon Adam Bodzin had a patient on the table, waiting for a liver. But the delivery driver bringing it from New York City couldn’t get through Center City streets blocked off for the Dietz & Watson half-marathon last November. So Bodzin donned his sneaks along with his scrubs — literally — ­and ran half a mile through the race to fetch the balky organ from the stranded driver, who “felt terrible,” Bodzin told the Inky. The cops gave him a ride back to the O.R. We wonder what the delivery tip is for that. Read More »

2022 Best Thing to Happen in a Tesla

Maeve Sherry’s Rush-Hour Birth

Well, really the only good thing to happen in a Tesla. With their three-year-old son Rafa in the back seat, Wayne residents Keating and Yiran Sherry were driving to Paoli Hospital one morning last September when they hit rush-hour traffic just as very-pregnant Yiran’s labor contractions sped up. Luckily, they drive a Tesla, so Keating switched on the autopilot and comforted his wife while she gave birth to daughter Maeve (her job as a yoga instructor helped with the breathing) and Rafa demanded, “Is Mommy okay?” “Our hope for this was that it was going to be a natural birth,” Keating said afterward. “Never in our wildest dreams would we expect it to happen in the front seat of our car.” Read More »