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2018 Best Rat Help

Philadelphia Department of Public Health Vector Control program

Who would have guessed that a city-run agency knows how to oust a rat better than most? Read More »

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2018 Best Earth-Friendly Exterminator

Green Pest Solutions

What’s grosser: cockroaches laying siege to your house, or the chemicals used to kill them? If your answer is “All of the above,” you’ll be beyond thankful for these West Chester-based pros who rid your home of pesky vermin in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. (And they’ve got a guarantee.) Read More »


2014 Best Exterminator

Green Pest Solutions

These aren't your stereotypical Ghostbusters-style exterminators in hazmat suits. The guys at Green Pest Solutions use a "green band protection" system that focuses on baiting insects or rodents and sealing off their access points, rather than exposing your house to harmful chemicals and killing off the friendlier bugs in your yard. Read More »

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