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Best Drag Show

2023 Best Performer Taking Drag to the Next Level

John Jarboe

The founder and artistic director of the gender-bending Bearded Ladies Cabaret company plans big things. One of her most recent projects is the Beardmobile, a performance van tricked out with a stage, sound system and lights that lets her bring drag anywhere she damn well pleases, including to libraries and public parks. In September, find her at Late Nite Snacks — the Fringe Festival cabaret she curates — and onstage in her new play, Rose: You Are Who You Eat, which is probably the world’s first musical about a twin who eats her sister in the womb. Read More »


2023 Best Gift tor Drag Fans

Eric Jaffe’s Singing Telegram

For $100, this bearded, boisterous ukulele-playing drag queen — whom you might recognize as the resident entertainment host at Fishtown’s Fabrika or the co-producer of the semi-annual Snatcherella drag competition at Franky Bradley’s — will show up anywhere in the city and sing a song for your loved one. Want to cheap out? Her $10 Eric Jaffe Coloring Book makes a good gift as well. Read More »


2023 Best Drag Veteran

Lisa Lisa

Where’s the longest-running drag show in Philadelphia? South Street dive Bob & Barbara’s. What’s the secret to its longevity? Yes, the bar is cool, and the drinks are cheap. But the real answer is the talent and persistence of Miss Lisa Lisa, who’s been holding down the show and sashaying every Thursday night for more than 25 years. Read More »

1509 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

2023 Best Drag Show to Bring Your Grandparents To

Philly Drag Mafia’s Drag Brunches

Nightclub drag shows can be a lot. When you’re looking for something that’s fun but a bit less bawdy and in-your-face, consider one of the Philly Drag Mafia’s many brunches throughout the region. The hosts tailor the show a bit according to who turns up — i.e., the straight-up raunch becomes double-entendre if the kids are in tow. Read More »


2023 Best Drag Queen With a Twist


Your average drag queen goes for the glam and loves to perform to Madonna and Diana Ross. Not Lamia. The self-described “cursed queen” goes for the dark, Goth-y look and does her spooky thing to the sounds of Judas Priest and Slayer. Performance art you won’t soon forget. Read More »


2023 Best Drag Queen Who Actually Sings

Sapphira Cristál

An operatic drag queen with a six-octave range and some of the most fabulous costumes around? Hell yeah! Read More »


2023 Best Drag Queen for Beyoncé Devotees


Lots of drag queens pay tribute to Queen Bey, but VinChelle goes above and beyond. See for yourself at one of her Beyoncé-themed parties, the next being at Franky Bradley’s on August 12th. Read More »


2022 Best Drag Shows

Philly Drag Mafia

Whether you prefer to attend a drag show at a Thai restaurant, a Gayborhood club, a Delco watering hole, or — one of the coolest spots in town — the rooftop bar of the Bok Building, indefatigable Brittany Lynn and the queens of her Drag Mafia have you covered. Sooooo gay, as Brittany likes to say. Read More »


2021 Best Drag Show

Bob & Barbara’s

Not even a global pandemic could stop the city’s longest-running drag show. When drag legend Lisa Lisa and her crew of queens couldn’t perform inside, they went outside. In winter. Literally stopping traffic on South Street to sway and sashay. Now that they’re back indoors, they’ve gone from one show every Thursday night to two. A true Philly institution, and a survivor. Read More »

1509 South Street, Philadelphia, PA Website