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Best Cookies

2009 Best Cookie

Cookies by Diane

A mound of smooth peanut butter mousse sandwiched between two peanut butter wafers, then coated in dark chocolate and sprinkled with nuts, won our cookie-loving hearts this year. As one of our tasters put it: "Diane, you had us at peanut butter." Read More »

204 Ballymore Road, Springfield, PA | 610-544-9250 | Website

2013 Best Cookies

Isgro Pastries

Readers' Choice: As a co-worker noted, Someone should tell Michael Nutter if he wants to make Philadelphians happy, he should give them free cookies. It's true; people came out in droves. While we had doubts that a non-chocolate chip cookie could win, Isgro Pastries' butter sponge ricotta cookie with lemon icing got the gold. Read More »

1009 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-923-3092 | Website