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2019 Best Tech Repair

Wise Guy Computer & Phone Repair

No-wait, no-hassle, no-attitude service for all your tech devices — including gratis appraisals for items you think are beyond fixing. (So worth it before throwing something out!) Read More »

525 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-580-9473 | Website

2013 Best Mac Rehab

Springboard Media

Waiting in line at the Apple Stores Genius Bar has become as dreaded as a visit to the DMV. Springboard has been the place in Philadelphia to get that Mac fixed for nearly 20 years a track record that will ease your troubled mind as the knowledgeable geeks in the workshop downstairs pull your Mac back together quickly. Read More »

2212 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-988-7777 | Website

2012 Best Shattered iPhone repair

Telestar Wireless

So you dropped the amazing little contraption face-down on the sidewalk, did you? And you don't have insurance? And now the dude at the AT&T store is telling you a new one's going to set you back, um, $700? And you want to slit your wrists with the shards of broken glass? Go see Nan Yan, GM at this hole-in-the-wall South Philly shop, who'll slap a brand-new touchscreen on your crippled old phone for just $85. See, miracles do happen. Read More »

1635 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-735-9343

2012 Best Computer Techs

Springboard Media

Springboard always wins this award because it's simply the best option if you're a) having computer problems; and b) not related to someone who's fluent in binary. They also do workshops, data support, trade-ins, repairs, rental upgrades, and classes in pretty much everything that isn't entirely intuitive. Read More »

2212 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-988-7777 | Website

2011 Best Personal Computer Service

Tim Tirendi of iHelp Computer Service and Help

This IT whiz will take the VHS recording of the time your Little Leaguer channeled Ryan Howard and transfer it to a DVD, so you can relive the grand-slam moment without lugging that sad, broken-down VCR out of the garage Read More »

200 Old Church Road, North Wales, PA | 215-699-4641