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2021 Best Self-Care S.O.S.: Brows

Sheri David

Last year, Sheri David mixed custom brow tints in baggies and hand-delivered them to her clients in parking lots around the city, along with a mini-tutorial on how to self-tint like a pro. This year, David will use a pandemic’s worth of unplucked growth to sculpt spectacular brows (and tint them perfectly, natch). Read More »


2021 Best Place to Get Bomb Brows and Lashes

Forever Valentine Beauty

Clients have called owner Kelly Haney a “magical eyebrow wizard” for good reason. Whether you want microblading, powder brows or lash extensions, this permanent-cosmetics studio will be your new go-to for bold, long-lasting looks. Read More »

1901 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Brow Goddess

Samantha Deubler at Glo Derma

Deubler’s waxing helps tame and shape unruly arches, but it’s her microblading that gets you the most (beautiful) bang for your buck. Read More »

204 Floral Vale Boulevard, Yardley, PA | 267-339-3456 | Website

2018 Best Brow Tint


They’ll amp your arches with expertly applied vegetable-based dye, so you can burn your brow pencil. Read More »

2nd Floor, 1126 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-367-1664 | Website

2017 Best Brow Grooming

Dana DeMarco at LashBee

From your perch in what’s essentially the plushest director’s chair ever, DeMarco will wax, tint and fill your brows to perfection. Afterward, you’ll realize it’s actually your peepers that have never looked better. Read More »

1126 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA | 215-367-1664 | Website

2016 Best Eyebrow Filler

Microblading at 3000BC

It's semi-permanent makeup 3.0: Color-matched ink is applied one stroke at a time via tiny blades, rendering your eyebrow pencil utterly useless for the next two years. Read More »

8439 Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill, PA | 215-247-6020 | Website

2016 Best Brow Shaping

Sheri David, Jay Michael Salon & Spa

The seasoned brow maven has fixed so many botched wax jobs that after one look at you in her chair, she'll announce (correctly): "Small room, low light, aesthetician was on your left." Luckily, David's gift is her uncanny ability to just know where your ideal eyebrows should be, and in 10 minutes, you'll leave looking like you've gotten an eye-lift. Read More »

595 East Lancaster Avenue, St. Davids, PA | 610-964-0800 | Website

2015 Best Brow Maintenance

Threading at Rescue Spa

Nobody sculpts an arch like Maria Gulraiz. She puts you on a training plan (complete with potions that thicken your brows over time and vegetable-based dyes that add impact) and creates a shape that opens up your entire face. Read More »

1601 Walnut Street, third floor, Rittenhouse, | 215-772-2766 | Website

2014 Best Brow-Shaper

Valerie Peoples at Sun Myst

To Valerie, your face is a canvas she'll study its structure and masterfully sketch a perfect arch with dark powder before wielding the wax. You'll leave with brows so pretty (or a growth plan to get them there) that you'll wonder why self-tweezing is even legal. Read More »

124 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-545-5010 | Website

2013 Best Home Service Eyebrows

Nicck Townsend

He'll explain his vision for your face and train your brows to grow exactly how he wants them. Read More »

Service Area: Main Line, Philly, South Jersey | 267-368-0070

2012 Best Brow Shaping

Ursula’s About Phace

If eyebrow shaping is an art, Ursula Augustine is Picasso. Read More »

1700 Sansom Street, Suite 201, Philadelphia, PA | 215-557-1562 | Website

2011 Best Eyebrow Shaping

Ani White at Deme

Fifteen minutes in White's chair, and you'll never let anyone else near your brows again including yourself. Her trained eye sees every little hair that needs plucking (no waxing, ever). Too sparse? She'll coach you through the grow-in stage and teach you how to fake it in the meantime. Read More »

2200 Arch Street, #102, Philadelphia, PA | 215-561-3363 | Website

2010 Best Eyebrow Shaping

Adolf Biecker Salon

Somewhere amid all the soothing lavender oil, Melanie's Midwestern-twanged chatter, the not-too-painful waxing and the lightning-fast plucking, your eyes get brighter and your face is rejuvenated. It's a 15-minute vacay. Read More »

The Rittenhouse Hotel, 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA | 215-735-6404 | Website