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Best Breakfast Sandwich

2022 Best Breakfast Sandwich

Fiore Fine Foods

Philly has several contenders for best breakfast sandwich — and they’re all made at Fiore. There’s a mess of scrambled eggs and whipped ricotta on focaccia, a version that stacks fennel sausage, fontina, a fried egg and herb aioli on a wood-fired roll, and a BEC with bacon-studded scrambled eggs, caramelized onions and cheddar on a sweet milk bun. You’ll have a difficult time choosing. Our solution? Get all three. Read More »

757 South Front Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Suped-Up Pancake

Martabak OK

Picture a giant pancake. Now imagine spreading it with cream cheese, drizzling on Nutella and sweetened condensed milk, and adding a shower of mild, melty shredded cheese. Read More »

1801 Washington Avenue, Unit D, Philadelphia, PA | 267-534-3644 | Website

2019 Best Breakfast Sandwich

Fiore Fine Foods

You could argue about which element puts this item over the top: the perfectly fried egg, the fennel pork sausage, or the Tuscan flatbread made from scratch daily. Or you could just be grateful someone cares so damn much about a breakfast sandwich. Read More »

757 South Front Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-339-0509 | Website

2018 Best Fancy-Pants Breakfast Sandwich

Res Ipsa

Start with a fluffy egg frittata topped with fresh asiago and herbed long hot spread, mounted on a house-made English muffin. Pay $2 more to add breakfast sausage spiced with fennel and cardamom. Read More »

2218 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-559-0329 | Website

2017 Best Breakfast Sandwich

Stockyard Sandwich Co.

Stockyard makes you the architect of your ideal breakfast sammy. Choose a baguette, bagel, potato roll or Philly muffin, top it with local eggs and/or proteins made in-house (get the scrapple), then consider Stockyard’s own hot sauce and made-from-scratch Whiz. Maybe chefs don’t always know best. Read More »

1541 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-977-YARD | Website

2015 Best Breakfast Sandwich

Pastrami Hash at High Street on Market

A crispy block of hash browns, a pile of pastrami, an egg and Russian dressing, all on a house-made kaiser roll. The only downside to starting your day like this is that lunch will never live up to breakfast. Read More »

308 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-625-0988 | Website