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2022 Best Late-Night Bar Snack

Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich at Tattooed Mom

You go to Tattooed Mom for bright, boozy drinks and the come-exactly-as-you-are vibe — not necessarily expecting great food. But that’s where you’re wrong. The pickle fried chicken is brined, double-fried, and stuffed into a sweet potato brioche bun along with house-made fried dill pickles and Crystal hot sauce mayo. There’s an equally standout vegan version, too. Either makes for a surprise when you realize this is one of the best sandwiches in the city. Read More »

530 South Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Bar Snack

Crab Fingers at Olde Bar

In this age of architectural apps that taste more like ego than food, there is no classier, more luxe bar snack in Philly than these half-cracked cocktail crab claws in lemon-garlic butter, served with nothing more than a couple of slices of bread for mopping up the plate. Read More »

125 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-253-3777 | Website

2018 Best Bar Snacks

The International

At this quirky new joint from the Johnny Brenda’s crew, you won’t be eating greasy mozzarella sticks and fries. No, this is the International, where you’ll feast on South American chorizo and bite-size Middle Eastern kebabs (pair with the Serbian wine on draft) for what is essentially a culinary world trip without ever leaving Front Street. Read More »

1624 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2017 Best Bar Snack

Duck hearts at Fond

Bar food is typically meant for mass appeal; it’s usually fried, it’s never too complicated, and ideally, it pairs well with most drinks. Duck hearts? They aren’t exactly for everyone. But when they’ve got deep grill marks, when they’re this tender, when the tahini yogurt and black sesame seeds make for an addicting, nutty sauce, you’ll get why everyone else at the bar is nibbling on them, too. Read More »

1537 South 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-551-5000 | Website

2016 Best Way to Pretend You're Eating Healthy

Buffalo Cauliflower at Front Street Cafe

We get it. You want to eat healthy, but the world is just full of delicious things that are so, so bad for you. Here's what you do: Lie to yourself. Go to Front Street Cafe and tell yourself the Buffalo cauliflower is good for you, because, you know, it's a vegetable, right? And completely ignore the fact that this cauliflower comes crisp and deep-fried, with a spicy Buffalo-sauce-spiked crust and a side of creamy cucumber-dill dressing. Look at you, health nut. Read More »

1253 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-515-3073 | Website

2016 Best Bar Menu


Oysters with strawberry vinegar, gnocchi tots with black truffle dipping sauce, homemade Cheetos, bar nuts spiked with curry powder and, on top of everything else, a crazy burger topped with Cabot cheddar and shitake mushrooms on a black sesame bun? Philly has always been an eat-at-the-bar kind of town, and Ela is the best example of just how good we've gotten at it. 627 South 3rd Street, Queen Village Read More »

627 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-687-8512 | Website

2015 Best Healthy Bar Food

Rice Noodle Bowl at Prohibition Tap Room

We're talking rice noodles, lots of greens, roasted veggies, pickled daikon, zucchini, fresh herbs, lemongrass and pan-seared tofu (or shrimp, or even filet, if you insist) -- and it's at a bar, not some health-food store. You won't even miss your usual fried fill-in-the-blank. Read More »

501 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-238-1818 | Website

2014 Best Potato Skins

Royal Tavern

It's easy to fall hard for upscale comfort food. This dish won over our stomachs (again and again) with its shredded duck confit, thick slices of melted gruyre and touch of truffle. Read More »

937 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-389-6694 | Website

2013 Best Bar Snack

Popcorn at Forest and Main

Fantastic beer demands fantastic snacks. The curried popcorn at this brewpub keeps the beers going down. Read More »

61 North Main Street, Ambler, PA | 215-542-1776 | Website

2013 Best Bar Food

Resurrection Ale House

Seasons change, plates change, but there are always thoughtful dishes coming out of this tiny and impressive kitchen. Read More »

2425 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-735-2202 | Website