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2022 Best Pro Athlete

Tyrese Maxey

Post-game press conferences are where original quotations go to die. Not so with Maxey. In January, the point guard showed up after a victory and started singing the Sixers fight song. Then, when the soporific sportswriter hive failed to react, he asked them: “Why y’all always so serious?” That joyful spontaneity is what makes Maxey such a compelling player on the court, too — and why we’re starting to think he’ll have plenty more singing opportunities in years to come. Clap your hands, everybody … Read More »

2022 Best Old Fart

Gene Dykes

Outside magazine crowned this Bala Cynwyd guy the “World’s Fastest 70-Year-Old” for running a 2:54 marathon in 2018. Last year, at 73, he combusted the 50K record for runners his age, shaving off 19 minutes. Dykes, whose pace and stamina are such that researchers have subjected him to batteries of investigative tests, calls himself the “Ultrageezer.” “Don’t be afraid of getting old,” he counseled after his 3:56:43 50K. His secret? “I never stretch.” Read More »

2022 Best Lip-Reading Kerfuffle

Alec Bohm’s “I Fucking Hate This Place” Moment

After the Phillies third baseman made two bonehead errors in an early April game, fans at Citizens Bank Park considerately stood and applauded his routine throw to first base for an out. TV cameras consequently caught him saying, well, the quote above to shortstop Didi Gregorius. He then committed one last error, just to ice the cake. (To be fair, Bohm also hit a double and earned two walks — and the Phils came from behind to win, 5-4, over the Mets.) After the game, the young player apologized to fans and insisted he didn’t mean it: “Look, emotions got the best of me.” The next night, fans gave him a (sincere) standing O. Read More »

2022 Best Athlete on a Mission

Sam Roecker

Heading into this year’s Boston Marathon, Roecker had 11 other marathons under her belt — an accomplishment on its own. This year, though, she decided to run for more than just herself. To raise money to support the mental health of those in her profession, the Penn outpatient surgical nurse ran all 26.2 miles in her scrubs. Donations poured in to the tune of $52,400 — 2,000 bucks a mile. Read More »