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Best After-Hours Spot

2018 Best After-Hours Restaurant

Tai Lake

The menu is mostly fried sea creatures, the bar serves tropical drinks, the dining room is frequented by chefs, bartenders, and Philly’s most fantastic night owls, and it’s open till 3 a.m. on weekends. Read More »

134 North 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-922-0698 | Website

2011 Best After-Hours Spot

Plays and Players’ Quig’s Pub

Known as the "actor's speakeasy," this chill private club inside Rittenhouse's Plays and Players Theatre is popular with the local thespian crowd, so there's always an interesting scene. Memberships are $35 for the year or $5 for a night. Read More »

1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia, PA | 215-735-0630 | Website

2012 Best After-Hours Club

The Republican

Common sense will tell you to avoid this place: It's dark. It's grimy. There are two poles and a mirror, and they're used frequently and with varying degrees of skill. But come 2 a.m., this place fills up with an almost glorious assortment of humanity. It's South Philly, folks; embrace it until the wee hours. And if you get too skeeved/drunk/hungry, the Melrose is mere steps up the street. Read More »

1734 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-462-0310