11 Locally Made Candles You Can Gift to Just About Anyone

These locally made candles look good, smell good, and make gift buying almost too easy.

locally made candles

Rely on our list of locally made candles to make gift buying easier this year. Photograph by Molly Dooling.

The holiday season is here, and with it, a lot of gift giving. But you know what’s a great gift that’s also incredibly easy? Candles. They look good, smell good, and make your house all cozy. What’s not to love?

That’s why we think candles — especially these locally made candles with soy, beeswax, and coconut wax — are the perfect thing to wrap up for all your friends this season. Here’s where to find them.

Zuzu Glow


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Zuzu Glow founder Maureen Reynolds wanted to create a candle that brought out the natural wooded and floral scents of nature, combined with other aromatic scents that also derived from the earth. Comprised of natural soy wax from American soybeans, batches of these candles are poured right in a Northern Liberties studio. According to Reynolds, “The favorite scent seems to always be The Woods!” Perfect for the holidays, this candle features a traditional pine scent with vivid notes of eucalyptus, Cypress, and sweet Tonka beans. Click here to browse the collection.



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New to the shelves at M Concept, Dilo candles offer  “unique combinations that are a little bit different than the mainstream scents,” says Dilo founder David DiLorenzo. “Burning Cedar” (think a warm fireside scent) and “Sandalwood” (spicy and musky) scents are offered at this local boutique, but more soy candle options are available on Dilo’s website

Duross & Langel


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Look a little further into this soap shop and you’ll discover an array of all-natural, Philly-made soy candles. No chemicals, petroleum or dyes are included in these bad boys. There are two categories of scents at Durross & Langel: the more traditional with signatures like “Lavender” and “Vanilla Pear,” and the more bold scents like “Fresh Earth” and “Talisker Skye.”



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This Philly stationary shop’s name was inspired by a Japanese term loosely meaning “thoughts and ideas.” Owner Liz took that idea and ran with it to give you Omoi, with an “I’ve been thinking of you” sentiment that at the core of every item in the store. Among Omoi’s soy candles is the light and refreshing “Lothantique Verbena,” inspired by the beauty and traditional fragrances of Southeast France. There’s even an alluring “Talisman” candle, symbolizing a magical object that provides protection and brings good luck. 

Mithras Candle


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The creators at Mithras hope to shine a warm and golden light into the darkness, and that’s exactly what they do with their unique beeswax candles, including varieties like Seshet Pyramid, Halcyon, or Chrysalis candle.  Among their Mithras candles’ shapes, the brand touts the beeswax candles for their potential health benefits. Read more about that here.

Rosen & Co. Candles


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Decorated with the Philadelphia skyline, these glass-encased candles are fantastic gifts for someone missing the City of Brotherly Love. Choose from scents like “Apple Orchard,” “Blood Orange & Goji,” “Tobacco Cedar,” and several others. Browse the selection here



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Venture out to Doylestown, PA and purchase your own candle wax to create a candle that is truly unique to you. Both soy wax and beeswax are available at Candlewic, with wide varieties of both. Better yet: grab a friend and make a day of customizing gifts for loved ones.

Honey’s Natural Candles


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At Honey’s Natural Candles, you’ll find fruity scented candles such as “Mimosa” and “Sugared Grapefruit” among the dozens of scents up for grabs. Aromatherapy candles are also available; use “Peppermint Eucalyptus” for an afternoon pick-me-up or “Vetiver” to relax your nerves.

36 Craven


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In the heart of Old City lies 36 Craven, a lifestyle boutique offering antiques and unique artwork that bring Philly history into your 21st century home. This holiday season, the shop is offering a truly unique line of candles inspired by the mistresses of founding father Benjamin Franklin. The “Catherine Ray” scent features deep undertones of rose and lavender. “Polly Hewson” provides comfort through a blend of cedar and jasmine. And the scent “Wilhelmina Golowkin” combines the warmth of amber with the excitement of all-spice.



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Celebrate your home with a hand-poured beeswax candle from Hiraeth, located right here in Philadelphia. Their beeswax candles burn well — and supposedly last a decent amount of time, too. They come in the soft shade of millennial pink or traditional yellow.

Old City Canning Co.


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At Old City Canning Co., the owners believe that “peace of mind and happiness can be achieved through mindfulness and exercise of the senses.” Their products are designed to create a true sensory experience. Candles from this local establishment are made from a mix of soy and coconut wax. From their holiday collection, try the scent, “Fir & Balsam” or  “Spiced Maple,” with top notes of ginger, cardamom, and allspice.

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