The Best and Funniest Spectator Signs at the 2018 Broad Street Run

More proof that Broad Street Run spectators are the best.

Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Another year, another Broad Street Run. This year, the weather honestly couldn’t have been better. Though rain was initially in the forecast, we ended up with a cloudy, mild, breezy day — the perfect environment for running and watching the ten-mile race.

Given the ideal conditions, it’s no surprise that the spectators came out in droves. It’s also no surprise that they brought their best cheers, signs, and slogans to motivate the athletes. Below, find 12 of their best ideas.

The Giant Puppet High Fives

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This fan went all-out with a giant puppet. By their estimation, they collected 2,000 high-fives throughout the race — not at all shabby for a big green monster!

“Worst Parade Ever”

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You know, the man has a point. Maybe next year we’ll all race in costume.

Run Like Your Mom Is Chasing You

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We don’t know who Mike is, and we don’t know what he did, but we do know that he’s in big trouble whenever his mom catches up to him.

“Our Mom Runs Better Than the White House”

Well, this really doesn’t require any explanation, does it?

You Run Faster Than SEPTA

It’s honestly tough to pick our favorite from this great trio of signs. We love the cleverness of “Tap Here 4 Instant Power” and the “5K starts now” signs — but the top prize has to go to “You’re Still Making It Down Broad Street Faster Than SEPTA.” 10/10 for the slogan, 11/10 for the artistic lettering.

“Smile If You Peed a Little”

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Give us a minute to stop laughing at this sign — especially because we’re pretty sure everyone who saw it must’ve cracked a smile.

“No Underdogs!”

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There’s nothing like remembering that we are a city of champions to make you run just a little bit faster.

“Puke Bags”

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We’re really hoping no one took her up on the offer. But, hey, thanks for looking out!

If This Was an Episode of The Office

In case you’re not a superfan of The Office, season four, episode one of the series is titled “Fun Run,” and all kinds of hilarity ensues. If you are a superfan of The Office, you’ll especially appreciate this “Do it for the Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Meredith Palmer Memorial, Celebrity Rabies Awareness, Fun Run, Race for the Cure!” sign.

“Hungry Dogs Run Faster”

They get full points for the slogan, but we’re giving extra bonus points for the illustration of Jason Kelce’s head.

“Nasty Women Run Faster”

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Apparently, nasty women and hungry dogs have something in common.

“Do You Have the Car Keys”

We’re just curious: How many people do you think reflexively reached for their pockets after passing this sign?

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