All of Whole Foods’ Natural Beauty and Skin-Care Products Are Going on Sale

It's time for the fourth annual Whole Foods Beauty Week.

A peek inside the 2018 Beauty Bag. Photograph courtesy Whole Foods.

For some of us, walking into a Whole Foods is kind of like walking into a Target: You know you’re going to end up spending way more money than you intended on stuff you didn’t “need.” That’s because the Whole Foods addiction is real, my friends.

One of the easiest places to go nuts in Whole Foods is, of course, the beauty aisle. If the smell from the stacks of fresh-made soap bars alone doesn’t suck you in, all the pretty packaging most certainly will. But good news, my friends! Starting next week, from March 21 through 27, is a little-known holiday called Whole Foods Beauty Week.

Now in its fourth year, Whole Foods Beauty Week gives WF devotees the chance to shop the beauty aisle — meaning all facial care, makeup and makeup brushes, nail polish, and hair products — at a 25-percent discount. Can we get an AMEN?

Here’s the thing about the Whole Foods beauty aisle: It’s curated with picky shoppers in mind. And by picky, we mean those of us that don’t want any phthalates, BHT, BHA, aluminum chlorohydrate, microbeads, or other yucky chemicals in our skin care. How do we know? Because Whole Foods has banned over 100 ingredients that are found in a lot of skin-care products from their shelves. Convenient, no?

In addition to the discount on goods in the store, Whole Foods is also selling a Beauty Bag for $20 — which they say has a $90 value. In it, there are 15 products, including everything from an Alba Hawaiian Detox Mask to a Burt’s Bees Brimming Berry Lipstick to a vial of Thayers Rose Witch Hazel. The bags will go on sale in all Whole Foods stores on March 23 — but they’re limited edition, so they won’t be here to stay.

Now, who’s ready to blow a paycheck at Whole Foods?

Correction: A previous version of this post stated that Beauty Week went until March 28. It goes until March 27.

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