These Are the Two Best Trainers in Philadelphia, According to ClassPass

The 2017 results are in.

Freehouse Fitness owner Dana Auriemma was chosen as a top ClassPass trainer for the second year in a row. Photograph courtesy Freehouse Fitness Studio.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Philadelphia’s trainers are out of this world. Their energy, their drive, their way of motivating you to do one more set without making you want to punch them in the face is truly a thing of wonder.

But while we all may have our personal favorites, ClassPass decided to determine 2017’s most popular ClassPass trainers in Philadelphia by asking their members to submit nominations in December. After tallying the thousands of votes, they announced the top two trainers in cities around the world. The winners for Philadelphia? Dana Auriemma, the owner of Freehouse Fitness Studio, and Leroy Mapp, an instructor at Unite Fitness Rittenhouse and Flywheel Center City.

This is actually Auriemma’s second year in a row being nominated as a top ClassPass trainer in Philadelphia. The clients who voted her in for 2017 cited the fact that she’s constantly changing up classes and reinventing the workout — all while checking in with clients and keeping a sharp eye on form — as their reasons for nominating her.

As for Mapp, his fans love his upbeat, motivating style — which, if you’ve ever been through an intense Flywheel class, you know just how important this is — as their reasons they think he’s the best.

Ready to give these rockstars’ classes a whirl? You can book Auriemma’s classes through ClassPass or the MindBody website, or you can book Mapp’s classes at Flywheel (on ClassPass or Flywheel’s website) or Unite Fitness (on ClassPass or Unite’s website). The full list of winners across all cities can be viewed on ClassPass’ website.

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