You Can Now Have Local Produce Delivered in 45 Minutes With Postmates Fresh

Get fresh produce, dairy, meat, and — yes! — ice cream.

WeGardn provides locally-sourced produce, dairy, meat, and more to Philadelphians. Photograph courtesy WeGardn.

In an imaginary, perfect world, we’d spend every Saturday filling a wicker basket with fresh, locally grown produce at the farmer’s market.

In this world, however, we dash into a supermarket after work to dig through a bin for apples that were grown three states away.

But with the launch of Postmates Fresh in Philadelphia, the farmers market can come to you. Postmates, the on-demand food delivery company, has partnered with WeGardn, a farm-to-table grocery service based in Old-Kensington that specializes in making locally-produce food more accessible in Philadelphia.

Prior to this partnership, WeGardn did offer delivery — for the next day. Now that they’ve got Postmates’ delivery fleet supporting them, you can have fresh produce, dairy, meat, pasta, ice cream (!), and snacks — all produced within an average of 48.2-miles from Philly — delivered to your door in 45 minutes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking some squid ink fettuccini with free-range, organic chicken is a must for dinner tonight.

“This is just an amazing opportunity for us as a Philadelphia company to really follow along the path of a Silicon Valley unicorn,” says WeGardn co-founder Greg Donworth. “It has huge potential for us and the city of Philadelphia. Supporting this partnership and us as a company is truly one of the easier ways that you can have an impact on your environment and on your local economy.”

Ready to place your order? Head to Postmates, enter your address, and get to clicking.