These Are the Cold-Weather Leggings Outdoor Runners Are Obsessed With

We'll take one of each.

Background image courtesy iStock/Olga_Gavrilova. Pants images courtesy SUGOi.

Though a running outdoors throughout the winters has it’s downsides (read: slipping on ice, freezing fingers, darkness), I personally kind of prefer running in the winter. You’re less likely to overheat and drown in your own sweat, and there’s nothing quite as nice as the accomplished feeling I get when I’ve used exercise instead of my heating bill to warm up.

All that said, I wouldn’t dare step outdoors for a jog without the proper apparel. That winter wind is not joking around, guys. While I personally own three pairs of the Under Armour ColdGear leggings (which you’ll see below), I wondered: What do other runners wear to stay warm?

We reached out to iRuntheHill, a Philly running group that keeps logging miles all winter long. They came back with some fabulous suggestions — as did Katie Barrett, a local runner and trainer at Fit Academy.

New Balance Windblocker Tight

These tights have paneling to block wind, fleece to keep you cozy, a pocket in the back to store your keys, and reflective strips to keep you safe. “Love my New Balance wind tights!” says iRuntheHill member Trish Giangiulio. New Balance Windblocker Tight, $120 at

Polartec Power Stretch Tight

What’s cozier than fleece? It’s a must-have for iRuntheHill member Heather Orman-Lubell: “My favorite are Athleta for the comfort and built-in pocket for a phone, which then doesn’t freeze!” Polartec Power Stretch Tight, $89 on

SUGOi MidZero Tight

“My fave running pants in the winter months are the SUGOi MidZero tights. They are fleece lined and so warm and comfortable. They’ve turned this lover of warm weather into a lover of cold weather runs!” says iRuntheHill co-founder Schuyler Nunn. SUGOi MidZero Tight, $50 on

Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Leggings

Fleece-lined for warmth, with a mesh panel for breathability. “They’re so comfortable and have a layer on the inside to keep you warm without overheating!” says Katie Barrett, Fit Academy trainer. Under Armour ColdGear Reactor leggings, $80 at

Cold Killer Pants

Okay, so not technically leggings, but we’ll buy anything called “Cold Killer.” These slim pants will help block the chill and move with you as you run. “The wind-proof fabric in the front makes a big difference on cold days!” says iRuntheHill member Marcy Gialdo. Cold Killer Pants, $99 at
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