Kevin Hart Dares to Say the Gross Thought We All Have Before a Run

Stars: They're just like us.

Photo credit: Jeff Minton for Runner’s World

If there’s one thing that can stress out even the most endorphin-high runner, it’s pooping: whether they can go before they run; if the answer, no matter how hard they try, is no, then where they will go on their run (after all, no one wants to be the jogger who won’t stop pooping in their neighbor’s yard); and, if they’re donning a race bib that day, how much stopping will affect their race time.

The struggle is real. And Philly’s own Kevin Hart, who’s on the November cover of Runner’s World, confirms that fact.

Like many of us Philadelphians, Hart is currently training for his first marathon (though he’s running in New York, not Philly) and Runner’s World caught up with him to see how his training is going, what his goals are come race day, and if he’s nervous. The only thing he seems to be stressing about? Pooping.

As Hart told Runner’s World, “I don’t get nervous. There is no such thing. As long as I s—t before the race, I will be fine.” Stars: They’re just like us. You can see what else he had to say about his marathon training here.

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