Costco Just Rolled Out Two New Grocery Delivery Services

Bulk buyers, rejoice.

Sometimes, as I sit on my couch, Facetiming my BFF and her baby from their couch in Montreal, while chowing down on a sushi spread ordered through GrubHub, I worry that I may soon — totally unintentionally — find that I’ve become a shut-in who leads people to reference Grey Gardens. Because, really, with all the delivery options out there (sushi, wine, information, smiles from my friend’s baby through technology), there’s not much reason to leave the house.

Here to add to my fears: After the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods led to us all being able to order our fancy-shmancy Whole Foods groceries through Amazon, Costco, the third largest grocery retailer in the country, has rolled out two new delivery services, USA Today reports.

Last week, the club known for its deals on bulk buys, announced that they’d be offering two-day delivery on nearly 500 non-perishable items, with free delivery on orders over $75. Then, they also announced the expansion of their partnership with Instacart (psst: apparently, you don’t need a Costco membership to shop the store through Instacart), now available at nearly 380 U.S. stores, which offers 1,700 Costco items, including fresh groceries, with same-day delivery.

As Josh Blechman, director of capital markets at the asset manager ACSI funds, told USA Today, this could be bad news for Amazon, currently in fifth place in the grocery game. As he said, “They compete on price, whereas Amazon doesn’t. They compete on convenience.” We just have one question: Who has the best deals on avocados?

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