#BWPUnderground Recap: We Did Sunset Barre3 at Bok Bar and the Views Were Freakin’ Incredible

It was a GREAT Tuesday.

Sunset Barre3 at Bok Bar | Photo by Susan Nam

On Thursday mornings, my personality usually morphs into an unpleasant combination of Justin Bieber (full-grown, but still infantile) and a character on the Walking Dead who just got bit by a walker (you never know when I will turn into a monster, but you know it is coming). Thursdays are just hard. You’ve survived so much of the workweek — but there are still at least 16 hours of straight work to go. But today, while a bit worn from the week, I am not monster-like and that’s because I am still buzzing from the endorphin rush that came from our first Be Well Philly Underground event of the season, which went down on Tuesday evening.

It was simply wonderful, you guys.

For the first Underground event after summer break, we got our rooftop sweat on with nearly 200 Undergrounders at a free sunset Barre3 class at South Philly’s Bok Bar, which offers some of the best views of the city. Spoiler: Those views are even better when the clouds turn bubblegum pink as the sun sets.

Photo by Susan Nam

The event kicked off with an hourlong Barre3 class with Stephanie Grimes, the lovely (and butt-kicking) owner of Barre3 Rittenhouse. We pulsed. We planked. We did Barre3 burpees. We keeled over and wondered when it would be over, but we persevered. And let me tell you: It was a good workout. In those moments when we felt like we might not be able to push any further, DJ SYLO (remember him from our summer yoga series?) got us back in gear with some good music. And it didn’t hurt that we knew there was wine waiting for us at the end of it all.

Photo by Susan Nam

Oh, and these were the views we had while bridging. Those didn’t hurt, either.

Photo by Susan Nam

After the workout, participants headed to the bar for some well-earned drinks and hung out, soaking in the views and tunes. Some lucky attendees also snagged sweet prizes from Verizon, Athleta and Franklin & Whitman. It was a GREAT Tuesday, if we do say so ourselves.

Photo by Susan Nam

We want to say a BIG thank you to the folks from Barre3 and Bok Bar for helping us make this event happen, a thank you to DJ SYLO for the tunes, and a big round of applause for everyone who came. Also, a big thanks to Independence Blue Cross and Verizon who make Be Well Philly Underground events possible. If you missed out, make sure to sign up here for Be Well Philly Underground (it’s free!) to get emails about future events. Until next time, folks!

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