This Very Colorful Bike Ride Is the Answer to Your Dîner en Blanc Angst 

The group ride will go down the same night as the pop-up dinner.

A shot from RideDNC, organized by the same folks behind the Cycle en Couleur | Photo courtesy Alexandria Schneider

We’re not sure why Dîner en Blanc gets such a reaction from people — whether it’s people gleefully toting their dinner wares on the subway while decked out in white or people blatantly rolling their eyes at the people who are gleefully toting their dinner wares on the subway while decked out in white. The organizers aren’t sure why Dîner en Blanc incites angst amongst Philadelphians either. But regardless, it does — which means parodies of the event pop up every year. (Remember this Dîner en Sweatpants shindig?) So, if you are in the camp of the folks who rolls their eyes at the mention of the event, you’ll be pleased to hear about a very colorful alternative event going down the same night (that’s August 17th) as this summer’s Dîner en Blanc.

The event, “a mass ride that aims to celebrate community and inclusiveness with style,” is called Cycle en Couleur, and it’s being put together by the organizers of the RideDNC, Alexandria Shneider and Maria Serrahima. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in, as long as they are on a human-powered transportation device (as the press release says, bikes, skates, scooters and sneakers are all welcome). The group will meet at the Art Museum steps at 8 p.m. on August 17th for a 10-mile route that will, in the theme of the night, end at a secret location (Dîner en Blanc’s location is secret). “Our one rule,” Schneider says, “is the more colorful your clothes, the better.” There will be music, and glowsticks, flashing lights and the like are strongly encouraged. It’s worth noting that the route will not be closed to cars.

As Schneider makes clear, this is not an anti-Dîner en Blanc event, and they say they’ve made efforts to ensure their route doesn’t accidentally crash with Dîner en Blanc’s pop-up dinner (though Dîner en Blanc organizers wouldn’t spill the beans on where the event will be held, so if it happens, it happens). “It’s not we hate Dîner en Blanc, it’s more ‘Ehhh, not for us.’” Schneider says. Cycle en Couleur “stems mostly from a desire to tease Dîner en Blanc and have a bit of fun with it.”

If you’re wondering if there’s a dinner portion to this Cycle en Couleur evening, the organizers are keeping mum on where they’ll end the route, but do say, “We will tell people that if they want to bring their own picnics and such, rock on.” You can find more info and keep up to date on the event here. Happy riding!

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