The Checkup: New Study Links This Guilty-Pleasure Food With Increased Risk of Death 

And more reads to keep you healthy.

• Womp, womp: A new eight-year study links chowing down on fried potatoes — we’re talkin’ fries, home fries, tater tots, and so on — twice or more a week with a significantly increased risk of death. Before you swear off fries for life, though, it’s important to note that it’s just a link; it doesn’t prove cause and effect, meaning there’s still more research to be done. Still, though, maybe try baked french fries for your next BBQ? [Men’s Health]

• In today’s unsettling news, a bunch of birth control pills have been recalled after they were put in the wrong order. [TIME]

• A much-praised new study just revealed some pretty grim news: More than 10 percent the world’s population is now obese, which is leading to some pretty hefty health issues across the globe. [New York Times]

• It’s only Tuesday and somehow I already feel like I’m drowning in my never-ending work to-do list. If you are in the same boat, here’s an interesting read: Six tips to improve your work performance, all gleaned from top athletes. [Science of Us]

• Goop’s first wellness summit, cringe-inducingly (or charmingly, depending on who you are) called In Goop Health, went down this weekend. Here’s an inside look at over-the-top affair. [Fast Company]

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