The Checkup: The 20-Second Waist-Carving Move to Add to Your Exercise Routine 

And more healthy reads for your Friday!

• If you’re looking for an abs-strengthening move that will also whittle your waist, look no further than this twist on a plank: the elbow plank hip dip. The instructions are simple: Dip as many times on one side as you can in 20 seconds, then switch. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• In case you missed it, a senator made a joke about mammograms yesterday. You’re right: It wasn’t really funny at all. [The Cut]

• Hold the phone: A new study suggests we should all scrap the 10,000-step goal and start aiming for 15,000 steps — or seven miles — a day. [New York Times]

• This is awesome: A Penn researcher was just granted a whole lot of money — as in 16.3 million dollars over five years —  to develop an HIV vaccine. [Penn Medicine]

• I know it’s Friday and I know you’re tired and I know you probably do not want to be at work. But still, try not to complain about your boss/freezing-cold office/ridiculously loud coworker today — research shows, while it might feel good to vent in the moment, it actually just makes you feel more miserable. [Science of Us]

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