My Top 5: Pantry Staples to Use for Glowing Skin (Plus How to Use Them) 

The founder of organic skincare line Root Science, available in Philly for the first time at Anthropologie's new KOP outpost, dishes on her favorite kitchen staples to use for glowing skin.

We’ve all seen ‘em: At-home beauty treatments made with pantry staples that Pinterest promises will transform your face into the blemish-free, pore-free, problem-free face of Jennifer Aniston circa the year 2000. But before you fall down the Pinterest at-home-beauty hole, we suggest you take a few pointers from Gigja Hlin Wesneski, the founder of the San Francisco-based organic skincare beauty line Root Science.

Root Science, available in Philly for the first time at King of Prussia’s new Anthropologie store (it opened today!), features many ingredients you might find in your kitchen (rice flour, chamomile, and more). So we figured we’d ask Wesnecki, clearly an expert when it comes to extracting pantry staples’ powers for unveiling glowing skin, to share her top five pantry staples to use on skin — and how to use ‘em. See her picks below.

“Honey can be used as a moisturizing facial mask. Apply a thin layer on skin, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Honey is rich in exfoliating enzymes, has blemish-busting antibacterial properties, and glow-inducing antioxidants. I personally love to mix honey with one of our powder-based masks for an added nutrient boost.”

Rice Flour
“Use this as a gentle face and body exfoliant. Mix with water to form a thick paste and gently massage. The rice granules gently remove dead skin cells, keeping pores squeaky clean and unveiling fresh new skin.”

Chamomile Tea
“Use as an at-home ‘spa facial steam’ for a serious glow. I typically do this before an event or party. Boil water in a medium-size pot and steep one to two tea bags. Let water cool for five minutes. Place your face over the pot and drape a towel over your head to trap the steam, allowing it to penetrate and open your pores as chamomile goes on a serious mission to calm, soothe and even complexion. Apply a serum immediately after, as this at home spa treatment primes your skin for optimal nutrient absorption.”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“Moisturize like the ancient Greek and Romans did. Olive oil can be used as an ultra-hydrating overnight face and body moisturizer. For super-hydrated, plump skin, apply immediately on damp skin after a bath or shower.”

Apple Cider Vinegar
“Mix one part ACV to three parts filtered water and voila — you have a nutrient-rich toner that restores your skin’s pH level and helps shrink blemishes.”

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