This Fall 5K Ends With — Wait for It — Donut Burgers for All

Yes: Donut burgers.

The idea of a donut burger — that’s a hamburger sandwiched between two donuts instead of a burger bun — elicits one of two reactions: The scared-eyes emoji or the heart-eyes emoji. Or both. If you are in the heart-eyes emoji camp, you’re going to want to clear your schedule for November 5th. That’s when the DonutBurger 5K is going down.

Here’s the deal: The DonutBurger 5K is a small 5K affair, limited to 500 participants, being put on in Telford by RunBUCKS to benefit Molly Worner, a 12-year-old Bucks County resident who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor this past summer. According to the race’s website, Worner recently underwent radiation to shrink the tumor so she can spend more time with her friends and family, and funds from this race will go toward supporting her doing just that.

And about those donut-bunned burgers: As the website says, “Molly’s dad introduced a DonutBurger at the Penn Valley Church Community Fair a few years ago and a star was born. While the Worner family rallies around Molly, let’s rally around the Worners by scarfing down their signature dish after a brisk autumn morning run.”

You can see what exactly a donut burger looks like (again, it elicits either the scared-eyes emoji or the heart-eyes emoji) in the YouTube video below.

Sold? Registration for the 5K, which will kick off at 9 a.m on Saturday, November 5th, will run you $32.50 until October 15th, when it jumps up. There’s also a kids kilometer portion (because kids love donuts and burgers too) for 10 bucks. You can learn more and sign up here.

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