The Checkup: The Proper Skin Precautions to Take After You Pop a Zit

And more health headlines that caught our eye today.

• Oof, you popped a zit, didn’t you? Don’t worry, we can fix this: Follow these commandments for what to do after popping a zit to keep your skin from looking worse. [Prevention

• This is how researchers are making stevia taste better (read: less bitter). [Futurity]

• What do you think the term “natural” means on food labels? Actually, what do you think it should mean? The FDA wants your feedback — really! [NPR]

• A-ha! THIS is why you’re always mishearing song lyrics. (And for the last time, no, Taylor Swift is not singing about Starbucks lovers.) [Science of Us]

• Your goal this weekend: working these butt-tightening yoga poses into your next workout. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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