Dang! Sip-N-Glo Gave Away HOW Much Juice Yesterday?!

That's a lot of juice.

Photo via Instagram | @sipnglo

Photo via Instagram | @sipnglo

Hold the phone, you guys: When I told you on Tuesday that Bella Vista’s Sip-N-Glo would be giving away tons of free juice for their birthday on Wednesday, I didn’t realize just how much. A few minutes ago, Sip-N-Glo tweeted that their very thirsty customers drank a whopping 1,023 pounds of veggies yesterday. Dang!

To give you some perspective, that is four very large female black bears worth of juiced veggies. Please don’t ask me how I found that bizarre comparison — but it’s true! I gave the store a call to see how many pounds of veggies they usually go through over the course of a day, and they weren’t sure, but they did say that 1,000 pounds is definitely above average. So, good job downing all your servings of veggies yesterday, people!

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