The Checkup: How to Never, Ever Skip a Morning Workout Again

And more healthy reads to start your week.



• Knocking out your exercise early in the morning is great: It kickstarts your metabolism and gets you feeling energized for the day ahead. But actually making it to your morning workout can be tough, to say the least. Not for long, though: Here are 10 tricks to make sure you never sleep through a morning workout again. [Self]

• Finally, a scientific excuse to stress-eat brownies: A new study just found sugar relieves stress. [The New York Times]

• With Broad Street coming up, many folks have race times on the mind. Here’s an interesting read: A psychologist explains his theory of what motivates runners to cheat during road races. [Runner’s World]

Meat bars are the new granola bars. Cringe. [Eat Clean]

• If you’ve ever been tempted to do a handstand in the subway tracks (Because, apparently, this is a thing people actually do, for some reason. Blame it on Instagram.) here’s why that’s a really bad idea. [City Lab]

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