This Is How Much Coffee the Average American Drinks Each Day

It's not as much as you might think.



If you’ve ever wondered whether your five-Starbucks-trips-a-day habit is normal, we’ve got the answer. The results from Zagat’s annual National Coffee Survey are in, and spoiler alert: Five coffee runs a day is a bit above average.

The survey of 1,500 folks around the country found that the average American drinks just 2.1 coffee drinks each day — down from 2.3 last year.

And if you think 20-year-olds pulling all-nighters are responsible for most of the country’s coffee consumption, think again. The survey shows people in their 20s actually drink the least amount of coffee per day, at 1.8 cups. As we get older, coffee consumption steadily rises, with the 50-and-over age group drinking the most, at 2.4 cups a day.

And to everyone who’s ever argued with their significant other about where to grab your morning cup o’ joe, just know: You are not alone. According to the survey, many women prefer to grab their morning caffeine fix, preferably a latte, from large national coffee chains, while guys prefer to grab a regular cup of coffee, oftentimes black, from smaller chain or single location coffee houses. Males surveyed also drank significantly more coffee on average, at 2.4 coffee drinks a day, versus the ladies’ 1.9.

We’re wondering, how many coffee drinks do you drink each day?

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