The Checkup: The One Thing In Your Kitchen You REALLY Need to Clean, Stat



• When was the last time you thought about cleaning your kitchen sponge? Yeah, you should really do that. It is so, so dirty. [Huffington Post]

• Calling all runners: This yoga pose, which strengthens your core and quads, could make pounding the pavement just a little bit easier. [Zelle]

• Yikes: The average American scarfs down anywhere between 3,000 and 4,500 calories at Thanksgiving dinner. This funny (and kind of scary) chart gives you some perspective on how much food that actually is—17.7 servings of Chipotle guacamole, for example. [Greatist]

• It’s easy to hate burpees, because ouch, but here’s why you should really learn to love them. [Men’s Health]

• ’Tis the season for spiked apple cider and spiked egg nog and spiked, well, just about everything. Here are five healthier spirits (emphasis on the “er”)  that make imbibing just a little bit better for you. [Well + Good]

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