#BWPSelfie of the Week: Run Together, Sweat Together, Eat Together

Our #BWPSelfie of the Week!

Our #BWPSelfie of the Week!

Welcome to the #BWPSelfie of the Week! Read about why we’re obsessed with selfies—and the sweaty Philadelphians who take them—below.

Name: Sara Brown

Day job: Brand ambassador for KIND Snacks

Where she snapped this: Shake Shack University City patio

What she was doing: A group of us had planned to get together for the monthly Shack Track & Field group run with Philadelphia Runner, but it ended up getting rained out. But since we’re #weatherproof, we embraced the elements for a few miles and landed at Shake Shack for well-deserved treats. I’m the one on the left taking names, Chris is in the middle thinking about Shakemeister Ale, and Lauren and Jenna are just the best and deserve milkshakes every day.

How long she’s been running with Shack Track & Field: I started running with Shack Track & Field after participating in the Duathlon they put on with Flywheel Sports this past January. I loved the community vibe it put out: Run together, sweat together, eat together and get to know more about each other over a few brews. Plus, the run ends at Shake Shack. What more can you ask for?

Her favorite shake at Shake Shack: CARAMEL. But more importantly: the beer float made with vanilla custard and Shakemeister Ale. It’s the best treat.

Her other favorite ways to work out in Philly: I workout with the November Project every week. There is something super special in the air every Wednesday and Friday that leaves you inspired and wanting more. Is it the high fives or the sweaty hugs? I just don’t know!

How she stays motivated to sweat: Running with intention. I started running with Team In Training, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s endurance sports training program, back in 2011. I could wrap the world with stories of joy and defeat, but one theme is consistent in both: We run for those that no longer can. If running a few miles a day will give hope to someone, then more of us should do it. For me, running is about being generous with self. I have been blessed with two legs, air in my lungs and a perpetual need to talk to people. The people and stories that I connect with on runs bring light to my day. It’s refreshing to take yourself away from a watch, strike up a conversation with strangers and discover new trail. You never know where it might lead.

Editor’s note: The #BWPSelfie of the Week is our way to give a virtual high-five to Be Wellers who are sweating up a storm, making deliciously healthy meals, trying new adventures, and having all kinds of fun in and around Philly. So we want you to send us your healthiest, happiest selfies—tag ‘em #BWPSelfie on Instagram and Twitter, or email them—and we could feature you in an upcoming edition. To see our previous selfies, go here.

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