“Excuse Me, Jerk—You Didn’t Wipe Down the Treadmill”



It’s one of the oldest gym-related debates: What do you do when you notice that the person on the treadmill (or ellipitcal, or whatever) ahead of you vacates the machine without cleaning it off? Do you say something, or do you brood in silence?

I have to admit, I’m of the brood-in-silence, give-a-steely-death-look persuasion, much to my own chagrin. I so wish I had the nerve to say, actually out loud, what the headline of this post says. But when push comes to sweaty shove, I’m just a big, fat, silently angry wimp.

So I want to know: What do you do in these situations? Do you have a good zinger (even something more, er, polite than the headline above) ready and waiting for fellow gym-goers who abandon their sweat-soaked equipment? Or are you a brooder?

Take the poll and sound off in the comments below.

POLL: Have You Ever Called Someone Out at the Gym for Not Cleaning Off the Equipment?

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