85%: Your Odds of Winning the Broad Street Lottery This Year

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Photograph by Jeff Fusco

I reminded you earlier today that the Broad Street Run lottery closes tomorrow, but race officials just sent out their own reminder, with two interesting tidbits of new information.

From an email sent to past BSR participants:

Note that your odds of being selected in the lottery should be around 85%. And starting next year we will be adding a policy that anyone not selected in the lottery for two years in a row will be guaranteed to skip the next lottery – so even if you aren’t selected there will be a silver lining in that you’ll have a better chance in the future.

In other words, enter this year and your odds are preeeetty darn good. But if you don’t get in—and if you didn’t get in last year, either—the race will give you a cut-in-line card for the registration process next year. It’s their way of incentivizing you to come back for the race, and I think it’s a good call. Because, let’s face it, if a person just keeps getting shut out, the odds of them wanting to apply in future years drop precipitously, and there goes all the excitement and momentum the city has built for the Broad Street Run.

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