The Checkup: The Smartest Way Ever to Tie Your Running Shoes

• It seems basic, yes, but getting a good tie on your running shoes can make a world of difference as far as your comfort goes during a race: You don’t want ’em too tight or too loose, and you definitely, definitely, don’t want them to come untied. This easy way to tie your shoes—which I’m positive you’re not already doing—solves all your problems, and makes it super easy to untie your kicks at the finish line, with no tangled knots to fuss with. Click through to watch the video. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• The Philadelphia Marathon has a new name. It’s the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon now, thanks to its shiny new title sponsor. []

• Hate brushing your teeth? (What? Are you six? Moving on.) This toothbrush will clean your mouth to dentist-approved standards in just six seconds. [Mashable]

• Here’s what it looks like when you do a Bikram yoga class on a stinky, sweaty subway platform. [NY Mag]

• Do you have dead butt syndrome? If you sit all day long, you just might—and it could wreak havoc only your running. [Well + Good NYC]