The Checkup: 10 Best Exercises to Do at the Gym

Make the most of your gym time

• Imagine my joy when I clicked a link about exercise tips, and lo and behold, there, in crisp black-and-white Internet font, I found a list of the 10 best, most efficient exercises to do at the gym. These come by way of a weight-training expert, who says, “Too many people waste time in the gym because they bounce around without any real goal, doing a little bit of this machine and a little bit of that machine.” Aaaaaamen. Click through to see the list. [HuffPost Healthy Living]

• A-ha! Here’s why some of the before-and-after weight-loss photos you see on Instagram aren’t quite as impressive (or, um, truthful) as they seem. [Gawker]

• Hold the phone. A Big Mac? That’s healthy? And homemade? Say what? [HuffPost Taste]

• And the best breakfast for weight loss is… [Women’s Health]

• Guys, want huge, ripped muscles? Here’s how to get ’em. (Note: It takes a LOT of work!) [Q by Equinox]

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