We Need Some SOUL in Philly: An Open Letter to SoulCycle

Dearest SoulCycle,

I sweat (with) you. I’m very blessed to have taken many of your classes when I travel to New York and LA. The hum of the bike, the bump of the music, the way we find the beat together … But this long distance relationship has gone on long enough.

I’ve been watching you expand and have put in many requests myself for you to come to Philly. Since it seems like you might be hesitant to make the commitment to come here, I’m giving you five more reasons you need to plant your SOUL in our city:

1. You call yourself a revolution.  I’m not trying to brag but, did you know Philadelphia was the headquarters during the American revolution? Two revolutions, one city—I’d call that a match made in history.

2. You’re taking fitness by storm. In 2001, our weatherman predicted we’d have a “Storm of the Century”. Unfortunately for us (and him), it never came. Could it be you?

3. Your workout frees people’s minds. We could certainly use something to free our minds from how many more years it’ll be till the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers or Flyers win another championship.

4. You like to ride together so you can feel each other’s energy. They don’t call us the City of Brotherly Love for nothing.

5. You raise the roof at the cardio party. Are you showing up fashionably late? We’re still waiting for your arrival.

I know not all relationships are going to be a pedal in the park, but enough is enough. It’s time to bring some SOUL to this city.

Lots of love,



Jessica Procini is a health and weight loss expert, speaker, and founder of the web TV series called J-CiniTV. She’s on a mission to support women in losing 20 pounds in 90 days without starving themselves, giving up chocolate, or worrying about silly things like calorie counts. Instead she teaches women how to Laugh Themselves Skinny™ . As a talented comedian and with certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the Institute of Psychology of Eating, the Transformational Coaching Method, Jessica brings her humor and ability to find fun in all things to her clients so they can have a freakin’ blast while slipping back into their skinny jeans. Follow Jessica on Facebook and Twitter.