Cotton Candy Grapes Are Coming Back to Philly

I almost didn’t remember about the time last summer when I got to sample cotton candy-flavored grapes, until The Wall Cycling Studio’s Juliet Sabella emailed me to ask if I knew whether—and when—they might be coming back to Philly. And then I remembered how weirdly delicious they were, and I was officially on the case.

The good news is, we haven’t missed the window yet. In fact, a nice fellow named Jim at Grapery, the California grower responsible for the grapes, told me they’ll be harvesting them early next week, which means the grapes will hit our area by the end of the week or early the following. I called over to TMK Produce, the local distributor who will be getting the grapes into Philly stores, to find out where in the love of America we might be able to find them locally.

So far, the distribution list is almost identical to last year’s: In the city, they’ll be at Di Bruno Bros., Max’s Produce, Rittenhouse Market and Iovine’s Produce at Reading Terminal; in the PA ‘burbs, at Gentile’s Market and Tanner Brother; and in Jersey, at B.F. Mazzeo Produce, Delicious Orchards, Nature’s Reward Farm Market and Sickles Market. Both Mike Watson at TMK and Jim at Grapery say there will be more grapes to go around this year, so other retail locations could be added, or the ones already slated for shipments could get more product. Either way, win-win for us.

And here’s something else to look forward to. In addition to the cotton candy grapes, Grapery will be sending over a new grape called Witch Fingers. I’m told they don’t taste too different from a regular grape—though they might be a little sweeter—but they certainly don’t look the part: Witch Fingers are long, skinny, tube-like purple grapes. Check out the photos here.

And keep your eyes peeled. Word on the street is we should have them here in a week or two, at most.