How to Build a Better Smoothie

Yes, yes, smoothies have been all the rage for years now, but did you know there’s an art to making a good one? I didn’t, until I read this useful little post about how to whip up an amazing homemade concoction.

Here are a few things I learned:

1. Order matters
How you put your ingredients in the blender is important, for optimal texture and blendedness. Liquids should go in first, followed by soft ingredients (i.e. your ripened-to-your-liking banana), then frozen stuff. If you’re adding any nut butters or honey, they should go in last.

2. It’s okay to add tofu
Or ricotta cheese. The key to a good workout-recovery smoothie is a good dose of protein (preferably not the powdered stuff).

3. If a powder is a must, go for matcha

The finely milled green-tea powder is loaded with antioxidants.

Check out loads more perfect-smoothie tips, including which blenders are best, here. But before you head over, tell me: What are your favorite things to add to a smoothie?

Photo: Shutterstock