The Checkup: 9 Disgusting Things People Order at Subway

How does a chocolate-chip cookie sub with oil and vinegar sound? Yum.

• You know the whole “have it your way” thing at Burger King? Apparently it really, really applies at Subway, where customers have been known to order some wacky (and disgusting) off-menu sandwich combos. Like, for example, one made with chocolate-chip cookies, oil and vinegar. And another with bacon, mayo and olive oil. And yet another with every meat option the sandwich chain has to offer—plus mayo. Yum! Click through to read about nine horrifying, real-life Subway orders. [Buzzfeed]

• Fact: Losing weight can be hard. Really hard. If you’re having trouble taking it off, check out these eight science-backed reasons why you can’t seem to lose weight. [MindBodyGreen]

Why so sad, Philly? A recent Twitter study found that we’re all a bunch of Negative Nancies. [The Philly Post]

• The best thing about this NYT piece about butt-enhancement surgery—a new trend among men, apparently—is the photo caption: “Jeff Vickers of Virginia had fat from his abdomen injected into his buttocks to make them less flat and to help him keep his pants up.” Nailed it. [New York Times]

• Looks like Naked Juice had its day in court. Maker PepsiCo recently settled a $9 million lawsuit and admitted that its so-branded “all-natural” Naked Juice products aren’t quite so all-natural after all. The misleading labels will be removed from the juices. [Washingtonian]

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