The Checkup: Yoga Boosts Brain Power, Study Finds


Urban Yoga Philly every Saturday morning in NoLibs // Photo via Facebook

• Okay, guys, full disclosure: I’m two weeks in to a beginner’s yoga class. Yes, I’m new to the practice, but so far I’m really, really liking it! Another thing I’m really liking right now: a new study which found that yoga improves memory. Win! [Runner’s World]

• Uuuh, I can’t say I believed it until I saw it with my own two eyes, but here it is: how to turn water into ice in less than five seconds. No, really. Just think: This could be super useful when you flake out on your morning smoothie, right? Right. [Greatist]

• In the category of Things That Surprise No One, a new study found that designated drivers often drink themselves. [HealthDay]

• Three cheers for olive oil and nuts! They’ve been linked to a lower prostate-cancer risk in guys. [NPR]

• Fun fact: nearly 4 million babies were born in the U.S. last year. Awwww. [Los Angeles Times]