The Checkup: Here’s When to Work Out for the Best Night’s Sleep

New research on work out timing could mean big things for your Zzzs.

• This seems simple enough: Work out in the morning to sleep better at night, a new study finds. [Runner’s World]

• Did you know duct tape can remove warts and help fend off blisters? It’s true. Here, 15 duct-tape hacks for the health-and-fitness set. [Greatist]

• Stock up on fish oil, people. New research found the supplement could offset some of the bad health effects of junk food. [Men’s Health]

• New York Mag dives deep (deeeep) into the world of public, shame-based dieting. [New York Magazine]

• If your workout wardrobe is in desperate need of some color, may I suggest a pair of these super-bright sneaks? [Blisstree]