The Checkup: How to Get the Perfect Fit for Running Shoes


• As my blistered, post-Broad Street feet can attest, I have wonky size issues when it comes to running shoes. And believe me, my feet have been worse—much worse. A few years ago, I ran a half marathon and crossed the finish line limping. I had no idea why—my bones and muscles and whatnot felt fine—until I took off my shoe and saw a sock soaked with blood. The shoe had rubbed part of my ankle raw and had created a wicked blood blister on my toe that popped at some point near the finish line. In a nutshell, it was not pretty. While I still get blisters every now and then (like, right now), my feet are far better off than they were a few years ago. Why? Because I finally got better-fitting shoes. As this super useful post on Women’s Health points out, you want shoes that are at least a half-size bigger than your normal, everyday shoes. In fact, I’ve figured out that a full size bigger works best for me. The reason is that your feet swell when you run, so you need extra space to account for it. Head over to WH to find more good-fit tips for running sneaks.

• This may be the mother of all recipe roundups: Greatist’s “400+ Healthy Recipes (That Won’t Break the Bank).” These recipes literally cover all your bases—from breakfasts to dinners to snacks to desserts—and use eight ingredients or fewer. Get them here.

• Have you been wondering what might happen to the make-shift memorials in Boston that cropped up after the marathon bombings? Runner’s World reports that items like posters, running shoes and more will be preserved and made part of a permanent memorial for the victims. More here.

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