Free Classes at RowZone Manayunk for Wearing Red Socks for Boston

Here's where and when!

If you’ve stocked up on red socks for Sunday’s Broad Street Run—or, you know, if you’ve already got a pair on hand for … any occasion where you might need red socks—head to RowZone in Manayunk on Friday for a free class. The studio wants to support the people supporting Boston at Broad Street (get that?) by offering a complimentary pre-race indoor rowing class to anyone who dons red socks.

Personally, my Friday-night-before-Broad-Street ritual will include sitting on the couch, eating pasta and guzzling water. (For the record, that will also be my Saturday-night-before-Broad-Street ritual. YOLO!) But if you’re more badass than me, head over to RowZone to break in your red socks. All you have to do is go here, choose a class, create an account and sign up as unpaid. Show up in red socks and you won’t owe a dime.

Note: You don’t have to actually participate in Broad Street to score the deal. Anyone who shows up in red socks can get a free class. RowZone Manayunk is located at 4401 East Main Street. Happy rowing!