The Checkup: Eat This Much Protein at Breakfast to Avoid Unhealthy Snacking Later

Someone figured it out!

• If you’ve read health blogs for more than five minutes ever, it will come as no surprise that eating a high-protein breakfast helps keep hunger at bay. Common sense has probably told you as much, and anyway, dieticians and experts have been saying this for years. But a new study figured out exactly how much protein you should be getting in your a.m. meal. The magic number? 35 grams, according to this research. That’s roughly the amount of protein you’d get in two eggs and a six-ounce, no-fat Chobani Greek yogurt. Or you could do a breakfast burrito with two eggs and half a cup of beans on a whole-wheat wrap, with a glass of low-fat milk. Or! Top some yogurt with our high-protein granola, or down a couple of  high-protein pancakes with a smear of peanut butter. No matter how you slice it, you want to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 protein grams—which, for most people, is a lot more protein than they’re currently getting at breakfast. But it’s worth it: The study found that those who ate more protein at breakfast faced fewer cravings, were fuller longer, and didn’t snack as much throughout the day. Sounds like a safe bet to me.

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