Poll: Do You Go Commando When You Work Out?

To wear underwear or not to wear underwear? That is the question.

Perhaps this crosses over into TMI territory, but it’s a serious question I’ve been wondering for some time: Do you go commando when you work out?

I’ve gotten into deep (I use the term loosely) discussions with friends about it—friends who always, always, always wear underwear underneath their workout clothes. Even under tights. Even under shorts with built-in briefs.

I think this is weird.

I honestly can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than wearing a pair of skin-like running tights with a pair of underwear. Not only do you get the unfortunate underwear lines, but what about wedgies? Isn’t that annoying? One friend (again, TMI alert) says she wears thongs with her running tights. This absolutely blows my mind.

And as far as shorts with built-in briefs go, why would you ever want to add another layer of fabric with the potential for bunching? Doesn’t that drive you crazy??

I think you can tell which side of the debate I fall on, but I’m curious to hear from you. Do you go commando when you work out? Take our poll below, and share your opinions on this very serious matter in the comments.