The Checkup: Fad Diets Don’t Work for Most People, Study Says

But you knew that already. Right?

• Not that you’d ever try a fad diet, but consider this a friendly reminder, okay? reported this week on a new Harvard study, which looked at the weight-loss efforts of obese Americans. Of the two-thirds who try to lose weight, researchers found, the ones who are most successful are those who stick to the tried-and-true tenets of weight loss: eat less, exercise more, eat healthier foods. Proving? It ain’t rocket science, people. Also: if a diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But you knew that already, too.

• Sorry to break it to you, ladies, but if you’re currently going through menopause and have upped your intake of soy and fiber to combat hot flashes, you may be out of luck. A new study found that those home remedies may not work. The New York Times has more.

• There’s not much in the way of health to grab onto in this Bloomberg Businessweek story about how music affects you at work, but the infographic is soooo preeeeetty that I couldn’t not. You’re welcome.

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